I Won’t or I Can’t

It takes a great Soul to not only recognise their own fractures and heal them, but to see others and guide them to their own self healing. For truly, the greatest teachers and healers come from a brokeness that helps them see not the brokeness in others but the beauty and worth in others.
In a world filled with so much hate and illusion, so much separation and division, there are those quietly creating change in themselves and in others,they do so quietly and with humble hearts, gentle hands and speak with a simple understanding that does not need to be articulated with words that need a dictionary, theirs words are spoken from the heart to the hearts of those who come to them.
Vale to the peace makers

Listening to frustration and conversation from a stance of observation allows the individual to articulate and feel heard. Simply almost every time it can be summed up with the phrases “I can’t or I won’t” From there I will know how the following dialogue will flow or not. I CAN’T is not a favourite phrase of mine as to me it indicates the skill set including mindset of the client. Too vague and too much to encompass or influence their result if desired. I WON’T to me indicates motivation or lack of which can totally be worked with when you break down the components of the desired outcome and many times they are stuck and need a fresh approach to what they want to accomplish with the skill set and mindset they already possess.

We are witnessing acts of humanity and collectively crushing the antics of cowardly power mongers. There is very little I could add to the complete and absolute abuse of misplaced power. People, everyone is stepping into their power and every act of kindness sends a energetic ripple of healing that can literally be grabbed out of the air. Lest we forget? This is a silent/not so silent war on entitlement. The appitamy of judgement and self loathing so deep that the layers of perceived power wrapped to disguise their little self. One can be excused with the application of operating from what you know but we’ve long surpassed that personal responsibility.

Thing about opinions, they are always biased to whatever you see as right and whatever they see or do as wrong.
Opinions, they are just walls we put up to divide ourselves from every one else in the pretext that our understanding is greater than any one else’s.
To have an opinion is not something we should stop having, but thinking our opinion is far more worthy than any one else’s is just stopping each other from seeing the amazing diversity and unique seeing we are all capable of having.
The best kind of opinion is one shared with the grace that the other persons opinion also matters and deserves to be respected and listened as much as our own.
In the end, opinions should be shared like a feast, where we all partake in the exchange of different ideas that fill not only our minds but also our understanding of the ability to grow from the many not the few. We are being shown and taught just how far from source energy we have ventured. Divine guidance is resounding. I was brought up very strict in the Orthodox Christian Reformed church within the “community” our circles and schools, life rarely ventured outside that circle.

Becoming a Metaphysician just promoted alianation as there was absolutely no expansive thinking or room for growth within the life and people in it. Out of necessity creates many freeing moments to be the catalyst for your new way of being. This is true for what is happening now the saying- there is order in chaos- is playing out right now. It’s unprecedented to witness how countries without any approval are doing the right thing many times out of disbelief at the blatant invisible status of deeming being worthy of saving or not. Heaven help anyone who intentionally turned away as hell applauds them. In this case it’s clearly an I Won’t as  “will” is exercised with intent to harm. The polar opposite is being created and remembered as new energies rewire and bring us closer to the state of our innate being our source created us in, the act of remembering isn’t easy and many physical symptoms rise to be released and healed and those souls that are choosing to leave are doing so with an even greater push to us from behind. We are gently getting our asses kicked.

Be the love our spark was that created us!




Ease & Grace


The way of the true warrior is in the letting go of their Ego, in letting go of the need to be strong, to win every battle, to be seen as mighty or heroic, no, the true way of the warrior is in having a peaceful heart, having the endless ability to love all without regard to the beauty or greatness of someone, to love oneself so purely that the only thing that can come from you is love and love only. I am no longer the warrior unafraid of the darkness, I am rather a simple wo/man who learned to feel pain of losing someone and understand the fear of losing someone again is a heavy cross to bear, but in all that fear, I choose to live with a loving heart, with an open heart, with the peaceful heart of a warrior who understands that true beauty, true love, first comes from within and then touches all from without.
I choose the peaceful path of loving without fear, without ego, and allow my journey to be always about understanding and forgiveness, about seeing without judgement, about loving without borders or walls, about being flawed not perfect, and about being open even when pain is likely, so that in my simple way i can allow you to shine above me & with me!

Peace be with you😘

Jenna PHD Metaphysical Sciences-Philosophy


Note: Water in both tanks came from the same source.
The tank on the right has oysters!



Throughout History one thing becomes clear, and that is when the Many stay silent and ignore the bad things going on the Few profit greatly in the Many’s silence.
Right now our Health Systems are being sold out to the profit Merchants while our Governments wash their hands and accept the donations to pay for their re-elections. The Education system is being dumbed down as smart kids see through the lies and deceptions and original thinking is dangerous to those who want hold the reins of power.
We are being numbered silently through our credit cards and our personal information stored and a profile of who you are is being created by where you go, what you buy and what your doing. We are progressively being fined through speeding, parking and other minor infringements as a way to slowly cower you into a submissive way of living.
But in all these things still there are those who choose to be individuals not conformist, who choose to speak out loudly rather then be silent, who choose to live in rebellion rather then in fear. There is still hope in this world when there are still voices shouting out in the the silence, for in those voices live the spark of defiance and the winds of change.

i discovered this photo of the often sought after oysters. Any scientist would concur at the accuracy of the description and yet oysters are considered a delicacy and aphrodisiac. The irony of current world events are uncanny in the perception of oysters as opposed to their reality and what their natural place in nature truly is.

When you have a visual like this it stirs what is silent within. Truth cannot be “explained” truth is. The moment you attempt to explain… it gets sticky and wordy. My point is you’ve planted you seed, very often unintentionally and the person isn’t ready to receive or how they learn (mechanism) is different from you.

For if there is one magical thing I can share it is this:

To regard what we’ve been conditioned as not conscious, like trees, waters and birds, as actually being so; to even open up dialogues with a deeper essence of such things, as if they are alive in ways that we are too, but perhaps radiating in realms beyond our own conditioned spectrum–to open pathways of communication with a wider sense of the world ALWAYS creates a response. And that response can be the most enchanting thing: an immediate feeling, a dream-visit, even a brazen teaching-revelation, often consecrated through a meaningful dance of circumstance. Truly, there is such a gargantuan loneliness in the civilized world that has treated nature so unkind to ignore its perpetual friendship. What an insult, to ignore a Goddess in her authentic and indomitable loveliness (most men know too tragically well…). We are so alone, in ways that we haven’t even begun to wonder and so much is plundered in or souls by this thieving of exquisite connectivity and multi-dimensional civility. Yet, glory here too: for in one turn, one look of affection, one reverent prayer, one soul-struck song, She will be smothering you in kisses, graces and blessings, everlong. And you’ll realize that creation IS a love story. And more will be saved than can be understood. As it is right now it seems out of reach. Our Mother Earth shakes us in ways to shatter ego and demand action. Will you validate the intangible or stay safe and eat the muck of oysters so eloquently disguised as a delicacy as many seek to reap the illusion of enhancement they have been conditioned to believe.

I have often told my girls that as in the movie “Intersteller” I need to hold down for the deep sleep! Wake me in 50 years.

i know what I know and I know it was gifted to my biological parents as well and I see I was guided out of that ancestry so I could pursue my own interests and study. Metaphysician is what I intend on opening to the mainstream, in an unregulated, as many holistic practices are – we are literally fighting with the conventional thinkers not out of lack but – fear of not having the comprehension of our visionary sight. My belief in the process of healing self on every level has been proven in case studies that even the participants had NO idea how the ideas and action and fruition came to be, and so it is. Biblical verses have many times referred to Blessed be the believers and faith and trusting in our Angelic realm and pure bliss wins every time.

We are in times where the consciousness of humanity has reached the tipping point and just as the old disguised in what ever form it takes pulls at the lowest vibrating on our planet to seethe out their continuous chaos, court systems, elections, degradation, separation…. Open yourself to the possible change of perception, or stay content in literally consuming the mire of the aphrodisiac oyster! The power has always been WITH you, visualize what is going on in the world, understand this awareness needed to reel its ugly self in order to have the conviction of #TheResistance to purge. Stay with it🍾


All love ❤️



Gender lessons – Vivienne Ming

In previous posts here at #WomenRising, we have discussed the many ways in which women’s potentials are suppressed – in society and in the workplace – by the combination of forces that comprise the male patriarchy. Women of superior abilities are often systematically prevented from achieving, at anything like their full potentials. And in many cases, the suppression is done by less talented men who are nonetheless in dominant positions.

Logically, it is clear that there is a macro- and micro-economic cost to this kind of suppression. When a person of superior ability is prevented from expressing those abilities through creative, intrinsically valuable production, there is clearly a loss of economic potential.

I touched on these issues in a recent conversation with a brother-in-law, who holds a senior position in a Fortune 500 company and has an MBA from MIT. I expressed my opinion that the economic losses, from this kind of suppression, might amount to 2% of GDP per year in the United States. He agreed with me in principle, though neither of us knew what the numbers would be, or any study that had estimated them. But by way of illustration, he pointed out a very interesting case study – one that I believe has strong relevance for these issues.

The case he referred to was that of Vivienne Ming – a remarkable person with an amazing personal story – a multitalented inventor, physicist and neuroscientist. You can learn more on her website:

He also recommended a really interesting article in The Atlantic – as an example of how male and female genders are treated, in a case where both are the same person!

The article describes some of Ming’s extraordinary life story and accomplishments, and is told in the context of her gender transition in her 30s. It describes, in fascinating detail, the changes in perception of her – as a person and as a colleague – that followed the change in gender.

Both before and after the transition, Ming was extremely talented and innovative, with multiple career specialties and a long list of amazing accomplishments. But in the ways that others dealt with her, and in their perceptions of her abilities, she saw remarkable divergence as a woman from the status she had as a man. These differences highlight the treatment of gender by society, and the ways in which gender bias drives radically different presumptions about males vs. females – in this case, an individual who is both male AND female at different times in life.
With the medical procedures of Ming’s gender transition, certain changes occurred, and others didn’t happen at all. Put simply, in most respects Ming was the same person, before and after the transition. But by crossing the gender line, she also crossed the boundary between male treatment and female treatment, even as a single individual. And this excerpt from the article gives a striking illustration of the contrast – between the boundary that was not crossed as one individual, and the gender bias that suddenly treated her as a stereotyped female.

“Almost overnight, they stopped asking me math questions,” said Ming. During her transition, she was working as a scientist, and her colleagues thought highly of her skills. She had even developed a unique, complex algorithm as a grad student—an algorithm she used to create an artificial intelligence that learned to hear, which she then put into a neuro-prosthetic cochlear implant… But after her transition, nobody asked her about math anymore. This was a striking moment for a person who had grown up with the “arbitrary privilege” of being male: “Nobody told me I couldn’t do math or be a scientist,” she said.

In the context of this stunning display of gender bias, it is striking that Ming’s productivity as an inventor – with advanced math and science as integral components in her work – appears to have accelerated. And notably, the increased levels of estrogen from transitioning may have played a positive role. “To her mind, both as neuroscientist and as a person who experienced transitioning to a woman, estrogen is nothing short of a wonder drug.”

For me as a scientist, it is fascinating to note the contrasting views of colleagues with respect to the same person, and the same skill set, but before and after gender transition. Vivienne Ming’s story presents a clear case study of one individual. But other cases are also discussed in the article, and similar effects on the perceptions of others were observed.

There are lessons to be learned from these stories, and we should take heed. Biases in our thinking are pernicious, and can be extremely difficult to overcome. But knowing that we have them is surely a first step to doing better, and a call to beware of easy conclusions. And in all cases in our lives, we need to evaluate the true person, and the true abilities that each presents, and proceed in our dealings based on those facts.

Written with love by @textifyer59


Gender lessons – Vivienne Ming


Are not all relationships at first based on some kind of illusion before slowly we begin to understand the person we are attracted to…. Is that not the journey to each other a journey through the illusion of finding each other through difficulities and misunderstandings until all that is left is you and I= Soulular Connection, felt by each soul regardless of where their physical bodies are ❤️

When the atmosphere clears itself after periods of intense weather, so do we.
According to the Mayans the 24th May was a date with incredible energetic potential, opening doors within our consciousness that have been unavailable until now.
The raising of the planetary vibration is not a random event. It is a carefully planned and coordinated operation that was been planned long before we incarnated into physical bodies. Everything has a cause and effect and there is always a reason behind every occurrence.
Many of you may be looking at the media (false news) and wondering how on Earth we are going to retrieve a planet so far gone.

Everything in our reality is a result of our focus and intention. As Within So Without.
Choosing a positive perspective is an ideology that comes under scrutiny as it can be regarded as ‘fluffy’ and ‘unrealistic’. Considering that Collective Reality maintains the biosphere of our existence it would therefore be logical to collectively focus upon a happy, loving and balanced world.

The confusion and disruption that is prevalent around us seems to be increasing. There is a ‘last stand’ being made by energies that would prefer to see souls living in limited form and despite their best efforts our planet will ascend precisely as it has always been destined to.
We as Earth residents are all playing incredibly powerful roles with each of us holding individual keys to a unified lock. When a certain quantity of keys have been used to open this lock then the door swings open.
The door swung open on the 24th May.
There is now a unified Collective mass of fully open hearts on Earth. This unity has completely altered the structure of the resonant field of energy both surrounding and woven into the Gaia Matrix.

Whatever is presented to you keep your eyes on the prize, your target. We are incredible creators of a new reality and all of us are required to step up now, no job too large or small.
Just as lightning illuminates the night we are now treading the paths walked previously only by few.

i am bringing in some parallels in relationships and the New Age or spiritual way of thinking. Way too many people hold the belief system that it has to be one or the other. Many well known transformational speakers silently discovered that taking “sides” proved devistating for their bottom line. Less followers = Less $$.! You will never ever hear that put that simply by anyone who has made millions off of “helping” you with something that could of required private sessions at a set price. Instead the grand marketing of enrolling hundreds and the thousands for all these different courses at thousands of dollars a pop, you know- just to be in the room with_________ hint: that blank is where you enter the name of your go to guru.

It had its place and new faces and reasources will always emerge. Be wise and research because my Ah Ha! moment was over a decade ago at a lay over in O’Hare airport after giving a series of workshops and understanding when people are searching for ?? No one in any capacity has the right to put words in someone else’s mouth or have them unknowingly-some may even do it willingly as everyone else at the seminar is  , drink the kook aid (not a mistake, I meant that spelling)

Be responsible to yourself, financially and independently. I myself have paid out for seminars enough to pay off my mortgage and then some💸 know your price points and pay for what has value for you. There is no easier script to follow. My views are my own and I think the reader can surmise they would hardly be popular. I speak not just from doing but being able to stand back and observe critically the free landsing of under educated people elevated to self made positions. As a professional Nurse and now Counselor, that’s risky!


1. Are you teachable?

2. Who do you listen too?


Your life, your story. Only you can answer as to who you let in. Never undermine your value!

Written and Submitted by @PH_D888

P.S My auto correct and I have a precarious relationship, I love the play on words, IT doesn’t 🛎



For #WomenRising I would like to address the will to have successful relationships, and what this means for us as women….and men. 

At this time in my own life, I have professionally achieved at a very high level. Now I am pursuant of personal happiness – which many of us have put aside, for careers and obligations to children, and/or relationships that did not work out in the past.

But did we give those relationships the full attention that they needed, to be what both parties desired? Not always are we able to blend together, due to all the variables of life that intercept our notions of love and how to have it. This article is meant for any type of relationship, be it homosexual, heterosexual, or polyamorous. Relationship is energy, and all of the constructs of relationships are simply human, no matter how you express connection.

In hindsight, I see the mistakes, the poor choices of whom to love, and not building true relationships on a solid foundation. My thoughts now center on the ways to make communication in a relationship meaningful. There are many challenges implicit in this goal. How to not push people away, after a lifetime of pain and loss? How to negotiate a landscape outside of youth, that comes with baggage, hang ups, and fears? How to foster understanding, balanced with compassion that lays open our own vulnerabilities to another human being? How to articulate feelings and thoughts, in a way that truly represents both – with clarity to each other? These questions are necessary to move one’s thinking from the past, to forward motion – and to learning how to be trusting and loving, despite the past and whatever your personal story may be.

Relationships are complex. As individuals, we share the same needs for love, communication, understanding, and empathy. However, the details are different for each of us. Our internal embellishments of personal histories are immense, and our stimuli and responses fluctuate over time. I would also add that our emotional intelligence varies within each person, as well as maturity.

As individuals, we long for the primary relationship that mirrors us, to support our growth into the people we are meant to be in this life. We long to be in a connection with another that is steadfast, solid, and that builds each of us to be the best we can be within our own selves. Relationships give us a headspace that says, “I love someone and they love me.” We know this gives new purpose and direction – to not wander the wilderness without another, but to share in life together. This is a human primal need.

Now we have discussed why relationships are good for us. How do we proceed to this goodness? I would like to suggest that women put down their armor, stop fighting to be cared for by another, and allow it instead. In our society, women receive mixed messaging. Be the boss. Be independent. Be mom. Be a loving partner. Be successful – despite the time it takes away from yourself, and what makes you happy. 

Be fucking everything! Find your peace in the material world….

None of these make us content. Without the priority and the reality of self-worth, I say that contentment is impossible. All the achievement and success in the world matters not, unless you have the joy of relationship of some kind. We do not stand alone in the tower, to not share our joy. Women over the last fifty years have revolutionized the world, without a DOUBT. We are capable creatures, who continue to break the glass ceilings and stereotypes. But along the way, we have lost ourselves – the true nature of women to acquiesce within relationship with another. Relationship remains the yin/yang, dark and light, the give and take, and the way of finding the simple pleasures with each other. This allows us to truly blossom. Roles have made women confused. Is it quite possible that we can let down our guards and walls, to experience genuine connection in all ways? Will a relationship, one that is worthy of your commitment, bring you joy? These are questions that only you can answer.

After much contemplation, I have decided that I am worthy of a loving relationship that values me as a person, shows respect, reciprocates affection, and is built upon strong communication. I also understand that as a woman, I need the strength of a man, and this does not make me weak but stronger. Yielding in the dynamic of a man and woman is almost revolutionary in our current times. It does not make any woman any less of a feminist, to respect and honor a relationship with kind, benevolent, munificent giving. I find that giving is my nature, and to not be who I am leads to suffering. We should be cognizant of our need to do so in all relationships. This is a small, but vital shift in perception in one’s views. It is accepting not just the person, but the responsibility of honestly being yourself to another, with commitment and vigor. It is understanding and compassion, to cherish another heart and all of their past experiences. Sincerity and dedication – to love a person with all of you – is a beautiful treasure, to not be taken lightly. Choose wisely the person you give yourself to.

Life demands that you pay attention and to finally know who you are, and who you are in a relationship. Giving and receiving is a natural flow within two people. Women and men need to stop fighting each other, and find ways to serve each other with love, kindness, and caring. Remember: peace in the world starts within yourself, and feathers out to your relationships. Women are beautiful in all shapes, ages, sizes, and colors, as giving, receiving, and nurturing creatures. This article is for us to not forget who we are as women, which make us so powerful in a world gone crazy with confusion.

Written with love by @ZenZen2121

Golden Thread

 Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it because you can’t know. You can’t ever really know the meaning of your life. And you don’t need to. Just know that your life has a meaning. Every life has a meaning, whether it lasts one hundred years or one hundred seconds. Every life, and every death, changes the world in its own way. Gandhi knew this. He knew his life would mean something to someone, somewhere, somehow. And he knew with as much certainty that he could never know that meaning. He understood that enjoying life should be of much greater concern then understanding it. And so do I. You can’t know. So don’t take it for granted, but don’t take it too seriously. Don’t postpone what you want. Don’t leave anything misunderstood. Make sure the people you care about know. Make sure they know how you really feel, because just like that. It could end…❀

Spirituality is the affirming of the universal ground of being of which all humans and indeed life-forms exist. SPIRIT is but another name for what modern science is just now beginning to illuminate, namely the zero-point field which pervades the whole cosmos; is the very ground of the cosmos; a field which is also teeming with unseen forces, intelligence and perpetual discoveries of its mystery and miraculous qualities. To be spiritual is to be interested, often deeply and devotedly, in empowering this universal sensibility and identity, which subsequently makes one prone to being involved in remaking the world to harmonize with this universal truth-hood. This means striving for dynamic equality, justice for all, protection of what is sacred, pursuing the unfolding of human potential, fostering fierce peace and love in one’s life, to be generous fervently, to realize that goodness is the essence of the human being and, thus, to be on fire now with a desire to do good increasingly as a pledge of allegiance to what we really are (which can be hyper-obscured in the wiles of Western civilization).
More and more I’m witnessing the rising of interest in spirituality and more and more people truly beginning to centre their lives along spiritual lines. It’s important now for us to no longer be vague about what spirituality means and what it means to be spiritual. It needs to be defined and elucidated so that it is not seen as something trivial and fanciful. This is a tremendously exciting time. This rising of spirituality is being caused also by the duress of modern civilization crumbling at its very core and the seeking to find new meaning. Some are plunging into zealotry and bigotry as a result so it is more important than ever for spiritual culture to emerge in the world and captivate those dealing with existential nausea to come and find the arms of Spirit.
The truth of spiritual reality has always been the harbinger of awakening to the wisdom of the ages– the golden thread of universal knowledge shared and exalted alike by every culture the world over. As we awaken en masse to this, we are catalyzing what will be one of the most profound turning points in the human record. There is much work still to do, good work, exciting work, but also daring work and I have so much faith for I see and know what happens to a life when they awaken to SPIRIT. I see the stagnation that all of sudden begins to be burned away by those suddenly sparkling eyes. I see the reigniting of curiousity and a sense of wonder even in the elderly as the eternal youth of the soul comes online. I see the relentless drive to develop, evolve, and love in an ever greater capacity.


Rebirth, resurrection, the phoenix ascends from the most pitiful ashes. And I see the indomitable beauty and genius of our humanity and there is no longer need for faith for it is lived, for it is lived…


Be Well and live well, much love


Upper Brain and Lower Brain

In previous posts on #WomenRising, I have talked about the disconnect – in our culture – between the true abilities of women, and the perceptions of those abilities among much of the population and in popular media. Simply put, women are generally not given credit for the superior skills that many of them have. This chasm in ‘conventional wisdom’, between fact and perception, has major consequences across all walks of life. To cite just one: the gross disparity in pay levels for equal work, and the absurd rationales put forward to justify those disparities.


I will say more in future posts about the clear economic consequences of this disconnect. I do believe strongly that standard economic measures, such as GDP growth, are sharply curtailed by failure to recognize the full potentials of women across all careers. There is simply no way that an economy can perform at full potential for its citizens under the currently favored view – that white men must be the leaders and decision makers for society, and all others must be suppressed or shunned altogether.


In this article, I want to focus on the personal costs of such suppression, and the consequences of the underlying stresses that women endure. The constant suppression of full potentials exerts major stresses on affected individuals, in a variety of ways. Those stresses have very significant harmful effects on brain function and long-term performance, and even health outcomes. The net effect is to amplify the disconnect described above. The systematic denial of true abilities in the workplace (and elsewhere) has a profoundly negative effect on outcomes that would otherwise drive economic and social wellbeing.


My perspectives are based in part on recent, groundbreaking neuroscience research by Professor Amy Arnsten and colleagues at Yale. Their work shows that even acute episodes of major stress can effectively disable the ‘executive’ or higher cognitive functions of the brain, and initiate a downward spiral of harmful effects that can be catastrophic in severe cases. These types of stresses are precisely what women, and others who are suppressed in the workplace and in our culture, experience on a daily basis.


I have linked below a recent article from Scientific American by Drs. Arnsten et al.; the links are to a public-access version of the article, available from NIH and the National Library of Medicine.


I want to focus on the key illustration from the article (Figure 1), which depicts the major findings and the key take-home lessons. We will examine that figure (below) in enough detail to understand the main effects on human wellbeing.





Notice that two brains are depicted – let’s call them the Upper Brain (top panel) and the Lower Brain. The Upper Brain represents normal, healthy cognitive and emotional function. Under these conditions, the prefrontal cortical areas (blue in the upper panel) are serving their normal functions – reasoning from facts, working to drive rational responses and plan future actions. These ‘executive functions’ are the foundation of success for any working professional, one who deals with complex knowledge and must make reasoned decisions among multiple options. In short, the executive functions are key to intelligent behavior, and the brain in the upper panel is working correctly to make those intelligent choices.


By contrast, the Lower Brain in the bottom panel is subject to acute and/or chronic stress, at levels that are high enough to activate a key subcortical structure called the amygdala (small yellow structure in lower center of each panel). I will say more about the details of amygdala function and its evolutionary roles in future posts. But for present purposes, the amygdala plays a key role in activating alarm responses when danger is present – by triggering the autonomic response, often referred to as ‘fight or flight’. A major effect of this response is to actively inhibit function of the frontal lobes, as shown in the figure inset at lower right, by weakening the connections between neurons through synaptic actions of increased dopamine (DA) and norepinephrine (NE) secretions. The neurons of executive centers are thereby effectively uncoupled from each other, and normal, rational decision making is hindered or shut down.


In the world of our origins, where predators lurked and dangers could threaten at any moment, such responses were a key to survival. And that explains their primacy in our brain circuitry. In a life-threatening crisis, there simply is no time to think things through, and immediate action is imperative.


But in the normal, workday world of our society, these alarm responses are much more likely to be triggered by stresses that are not life-threatening. Such triggering is therefore a form of ‘false alarm’. The consequences of such responses to cognitive brain functions are clearly harmful, inhibiting any processes requiring complex analysis or decisions. It is simply not possible to make good use of working memory, or carefully considered executive decisions, while under heavy acute stress.


With the seminal work of Arnsten et al., these findings should take center stage in our thinking about how to function effectively. In environments where complex cognitive processing is required, the implications are profound, to say the least. And for purposes of this article, one of the most critical conclusions to draw is that those who actively intimidate others, in the workplace, are doing great harm to their performance. Conversely, those who find themselves in privileged positions in the workplace are least likely to be subject to the harmful effects of such stress.


It follows that, for effective performance in any workplace, the privileged positions must be held by those who actually deploy the most effective cognitive skills. As we have discussed on these pages, women are far more likely to possess those critical cognitive skills than they are to hold the privileged positions. The mismatch is certain to adversely affect economic performance, both at the micro- and macro-economic levels. Even more perversely, those who hold the privileged positions, but lack superior cognitive skills, are extremely likely to exert stressful impacts on others, under their supervision, who DO have those skills. The net effect, in such cases, is to adversely impact the performance of the most capable, in addition to failing in their own right to perform at high cognitive levels. The result is a formula for sluggish, even disastrous performance at the group or company level in the workplace. Played out on a macroeconomic scale, the harmful impacts are manifestly and profoundly negative.


Stress is a killer in modern society. As we have discussed here at #WomenRising, its impacts fall most heavily on women in our patriarchal system. But the harm is felt by all in our society, as the foregoing discussion indicates. We have to do better, and we can – but only if we understand how to live in our Upper Brains, and are guided by principles that make sense in the real world.


Presented and disscussed by @textifyer59


The present escalation of madness on the geo-political stage, ramping us up to another potential world war is teaching one strident lesson to humanity

-we as a species can be self-governing; self-direction is our natural essence-

We do not need these psychopathic nexuses masquerading as ‘governments’. It is time for us to wake-up beyond the disempowerment of millennia old manipulation and realize our sovereignty and glory to create our own lives and our own dynamic communities.

The true question now is: how do we radically disconnect from this sick system to foster the space to create a new world based on a refreshed species identity, drawing from the resources of the wisdoms of the ages? This is already occurring in many magnificent places the world over, such as Findhorn, Auroville, and Damanhur. Many more will continue to foment.

Herman Hesse was onto something with The Glassbead Game and his fantastical idea of a whole continent created as a university for all to actualize the self-direction principle which is our natural proclivity. Think for yourself, and free yourself. This is our destiny…


Many of our antiquated systems no longer serve the consciously aware, we blindly trusted in patriarchal hierarchys who successfully instilled fear as the biggest controller be it banks, mortgages/brokers… It always comes back to keeping the masses in fear.

We are resonance and frequency, beings of living energy; ecstatically intelligent luminosity; brazen radiances of creativity. We are remembering the great powers innate and the splendorous wisdom of nature of which we are reclaiming ardent allegiance. Via this reconnection, we are beginning to channel and weave with universal forces of insurmountable beauty, truth and power–power of a love renewed, revisioned, reborn. These powers open us to mastery of this reality and the bold throwing off of all the dastardly deceptions that have rivaled our true stead. In our ascension and expansion into our monstrous strengths of virtue and righteous magic, the shadowy knavery of the tyrants is being FULLY illuminated by the indomitable glory that seethes in the deep of our Hearts, unleashing us as an unstoppable evolution toward kinship again with the ultimate knowings of the universe. The cosmos speaks through us. We remember where we are from and our natural divinity. We shall no longer be duped nor follow these duplicitous manipulations toward self-destruction. NAY! We shall awaken and then walk then stride then run toward the greatest heights of our birthright in bliss, sovereignty and kinship to Her, She who has been called Earth, also known as WISDOM itself and all that is for doomsday shall have their doom in their own backfiring matrix, falling apart by the infinity of our ferocious peace.

Unity will become so effervescent that the name will heed to something as yet only imaginable.

And we shall revel as we have, as we will evermore, in ecstatic rapport with the Earth and our cosmic heritage, our truth grown wings and flying beyond all clawing hands of two-faced gods to join the stars and the eternity of innocence–original blessings!

You are blessed to be a blessing and may all that has been taken(and you know your purest truth) be restored magnified. I celebrate this space with you and hold virtual loving embraces for all imparted. You are perfection, Gods holiest creation. Go and find solace in any little thing you may find to uplift and contribute to another life and may that spring of well being erupt in joy!!


You are loved 🌎💜

Jennifer Leigh Ballard PHD


A friend once shared a Sikh saying that the highest sense closest to God is a – sense of humour. This was one of the most profound things for me to consider and I resonated deeply with it. In all of my spiritual studies, I’m very fond of hearing about the levity of the divine which is so salving in a realm of human culture that has been dominated by stoic religious doctrines and even fanatical fundamentalism that cannot handle pokes of jest. I think part of the dilemma also lies in the fact that humour is so much deeper than people understand. The HOLY fool is an archetypal force in consciousness, an eternal pulse of the cosmos. Sadly, I see too often seriousness being coveted increasingly, and even humour being shirked altogether in a realm of overly sensitive feelings that are profoundly resistant to the deflating energies of humour. But this deflation power was the holiness of the fool and why the court jester held such a high esteem in the royal court–they helped to keep the ego of the King & Queen in check, conspiring with them to hold the axis to the higher realms in proper alignment. If one takes too long a puff on the holy tree of sovereignty, one can easily be inflated into a tyrant where one is unable anymore to separate the God from the human. Indeed, Kings & Queens were seen as being emissaries for the divine but NOT the divine itself. The court jester would show up always to poke fun at them, let a little air out of the inevitable inflation of doing the work of stewarding the divine down to Earth and help our humanness to always be our native land. What many don’t realize is the poking of fun is actually a deep act of lovingness, honouring the travails of embodying the incredible powers of consciousness by helping us to always remember to come back to our centre; be light; keep the proper shape of the ego with its crazy task of being a mutable holder of identity.

Dr. Bradford Keeney always spoke adoringly of his times in the Kalahari with the San Bushpeople. One of the marvelous things he shared of their ancient culture was their constant teasing of each other, what they called ‘poking the meat’. They too understood that humour serves an incredibly important purpose to keep us within proper realms of ego, so that if a hunter came back with a huge kill, they would all assail him with jokes and such to make sure he didn’t think too highly of himself. I also recall endearingly the Dine Medicine Woman, Walking Thunder, relating to us once of how she went to visit a terminally ill friend whose family couldn’t seem to raise his spirits. She spent a few minutes alone with him and when she walked out of the hospital room, he was roaring in laughter for the first time in weeks! Now bear in mind, this is a very holy lady, and my own assumptions of what ‘holy’ meant revealed themselves in that I couldn’t think of what she could have bestowed to bring forth the elixir of laughter. Was it a medicine song hypnosis? Some kind of stimulating herbal tea? She wryly smiled at us: ‘I told him the dirtiest joke I know’.😂

In a world bereft of the holy fool, of the sacred trickster, everything is suddenly dangerous. But it shouldn’t be. We would be wise the next time we get offended by a joke or slight of humour to reflect and ask ourselves is this perhaps some good medicine to keep our inflation in check? Because we will inevitably get inflated at moments in life as we are a continuum for great, cosmic powers. And in turn be triggered. I’m happy that I have friends who can nimbly weave through my own pretenses and keep me honest through a few tickles and even sometimes in some devastatingly sardonic slights because I know they aren’t really slights at all but affectionate rubs, necessary. A world that can’t make fun of itself is not that much fun, is it? And fun is ESSENTIALLY divine.

This hasn’t always been my prescriptive approach but I am learning add more humour, much to my counterparts of physcotherapists dismay. Not all appreciate the less static approach of humour but can feel the lightness in an already tense and tightly controlled shelter environment. To measure success is determined by various factors of body mind and spirit of participants. Willingness and acceptance is different for everyone and my role is to turn habitual users of shelters who are addicted to drama and attention to educating themselves for a lasting and stable environment for themselves first. It’s like a recipe you put together, together. How it turns out depends on how bad the individual wants change or just a free hand out.

“It is a curious fact that people are never so trivial as when they take themselves seriously.” – Oscar Wilde

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