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I recently received this testimony from a reader of our blog who warns that even people who consider themselves to be devout in their faith can be seriously harmed by dabbling in New Age and/or occult-based practices. As this reader warns: “The devil seduces Christians into the New Age by making it seem harmless.” It’s not! I also speak from experience from occult healers expressing themselves as peace loving but you leave the session feeling drained and been dumped on by someone’s unfinished self work/th. You actually healed the “healer”


The reader’s testimony follows: As requested to remain anonymous.


In 2015-16 I struggled with a severe bout of clinical depression related to trauma I’d experienced. This coupled with work and financial stress led to debilitating anxiety. In my desperation, I turned to crystal energy to help me relax.


I have always had a strong personal faith in Christ and rely on discernment from the Holy Spirit. My anxiety and depression blocked my ability to let go and Let God. I urgently wanted to control my stress.


I am naturally sensitive to energy and the idea of crystal therapy made sense to me as a method to de-stress. I meditated with numerous supposed ‘healing’ crystals while saying the rosary and divine mercy chaplet. . . . I did not recognize my using crystals and having a ‘chakra’ cleansing was occult. To me it was alternative medicine at the worst.


The effects of crystal therapy caused acute trauma psychologically and physical harm. The crystals, including everything from amethyst to carnelian, caused severe energy surging and feelings of being violated and extreme shock. At first, I argued that I was releasing stress and kept repeating ‘Jesus I trust in you.’ The surging would not stop for weeks and I felt the loss of self at times.


The surging caused me to feel like my heart was being ripped open . . . and of being sexually molested by unseen energy. This has left me traumatized and yet I turn it over in hope to God.


Among the other debilitating symptoms were: violent tremors, sweats and chills, headaches and other debilitating symptoms. I was unable to sleep because of the zaps of energy constantly moving up and down from my feet to the top of my head. I had no control over it at all. Things went from bad to worse when I went to an ‘energy healer’ who diagnosed me with having a kundalini awakening.


“A kundalini what?” I asked, completely at a loss.


Kundalini Serpent

Kundalini Serpent


At my core, I am a Christian female who avoids yoga and is grounded in middle-class cultural values.


According to her the kundalini is a serpent energy at the base of the spine that once awakened triggers evolutionary energy. She claimed that my chakras were being cleansed and the sexual energy was a vital life force to free up my creativity.


I panicked, but trusted God would not leave me even in my failure. I went to confession shortly thereafter and threw out some of my crystals .I turned to God in the crisis and have striven to attend daily mass and regularly go to confession since July of 2016.


The symptoms improved for six months and I thought I was healed. In January, I started feeling strange zaps in my heart during Eucharistic Adoration. I turned it over to the Holy Spirit. After a novena to St. Dymphna, which coincided with the Anointing of the Sick for the feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes the energy surging/kundalini came back stronger than ever. Nothing would stop the surging. Prayer and the Eucharist only intensified the symptoms . . .


I spoke with my parish priest who assumed it was an anxiety attack, which given the symptoms of my heart racing and constant panic made sense. I received the sacrament of healing and the symptoms stopped for two weeks.


I felt the Holy Spirit instructing me to recognize this might be diabolical; I . . . [turned] to Women of Grace for advice. They told me to personally renounce having used the crystals using the prayer: ‘Jesus I renounce having resorted to crystal energy healing. I ask for your forgiveness for this sin and your grace of healing.’ [In addition to sacramental confession], this prayer is necessary . . . because when we open the door to a New Age/occult practice with our own free will by turning to powers that may not appear sourced in God, we must then close that door by using our own free will. [We must then] return to confession immediately, which is more powerful than an exorcism because it “locks” the door and offers us the healing graces of reconciliation.


I met with a local priest with an expertise in the occult, who explained the dangers of practices like crystal therapy. He recognized that our adversary is smart about seducing us and we must be vigilant. Because of Christ’s victory on the cross, we are free from sin and have authority over demons. The devil however does have some authority here on earth; he is a dog on a chain. The eucharist and confession and prayer keeps us healthy but if we decide to get within his striking distance, we can be harmed. Regular confession and Mass keep the soul healthy from psychic attack, but when we open a door of any kind to superstition and the occult can invite evil in.


I recognize now that my fear of being judged and fear of accepting that I could be a target of demons prevented me from fully confessing the sin in July of 2016. When I spoke with my parish priest in confidence in February – I told him everything but it was a meeting, not confession. I know that God had already forgiven the sin and understood the underlying factors but the devil does not care if you are weak – he works to ruin you at your lowest.


I said an act of renunciation and made a sincere confession. The power of confession is absolute. Christ’s grace is an ocean of mercy. . . . It has been seven days and ‘unclean spirits’ continue to be drawn out. This is a painful but healing process. I did not recognize how deeply infected the wounds were by this and God went to work right away to cleanse me.


Words cannot describe this experience because it is supernatural and it hit at the core of my emotions and yet Christ has shown me that He is faithful and understands my hurt, my pain and is going to heal me.


I would encourage anyone who has been involved with any New Age practices to warn others. Pray to the Holy Spirit for discernment and exercise patience. No storm lasts forever – the devil wants us to drown in the storm, but Christ can walk on water! We must open ourselves to Her mercy and admit we failed. We cannot stand on the dunes we must walk on the sand to the water and cleanse ourselves in the mercy. Christ is calling out and we must recognize we need HER help.


Given my analytical nature and gauging life by ‘seen’ and ‘science,’ although I believed in the spirit world, I did not know that spirits could attach themselves to us in this way. It is a wake-up call. I love God and always have and during a dry spell, battling a biological disorder, I faltered in using discernment. We must be careful. Crystals and New Age [slogans of] ‘love everybody’ ‘you did nothing wrong,’ is a falsehood. . . .


I write this to warn others of the dangers of the New Age movement. Chakra cleansing left me full of unclean spirits despite my being a devout practitioner of the faith. I think it is so important to get the message out there to people that this can be dangerous.


I did not go in with the intention of betraying God, [but] because the rational mind started to believe the hype instead of the truth.


Crystals, chakras, energy healing and other New Age methods of ‘healing’ are dangerous and I know it has really hurt me a lot. I hope you will recognize the dangers of the occult. The Holy Spirit is the healer of our body and soul and if you are uncertain about a medical practice ask your priest if it is in [obedience to the] teaching [of our] faith.


I ask for continued prayers for healing and strength.




I have and extensive background in conventional and holistic modalities and I am a Kundalini Reiki Master and integrity and sacredness of space is paramount when clients first enter the space. Honor intuition and invoke the angelic realm to support for both your highest purpose. Take time at the end of each session to decompress and ground yourself. Feedback is not always right away. Trust!


The Learn to Discern Compendium: Is it Christian or New Age? is filled with user-friendly information about a variety of New Age and occult practices that we encounter every day. 

In the end, all is to evolve in the spiritual body- ready to evolve our physical being pending presenting symptoms. Pay Attention!!

Rings in featured picture courtesy of @ BertsJewelley 

All my love,

Jenna PHD @PH_D888







Ease & Grace


The way of the true warrior is in the letting go of their Ego, in letting go of the need to be strong, to win every battle, to be seen as mighty or heroic, no, the true way of the warrior is in having a peaceful heart, having the endless ability to love all without regard to the beauty or greatness of someone, to love oneself so purely that the only thing that can come from you is love and love only. I am no longer the warrior unafraid of the darkness, I am rather a simple wo/man who learned to feel pain of losing someone and understand the fear of losing someone again is a heavy cross to bear, but in all that fear, I choose to live with a loving heart, with an open heart, with the peaceful heart of a warrior who understands that true beauty, true love, first comes from within and then touches all from without.
I choose the peaceful path of loving without fear, without ego, and allow my journey to be always about understanding and forgiveness, about seeing without judgement, about loving without borders or walls, about being flawed not perfect, and about being open even when pain is likely, so that in my simple way i can allow you to shine above me & with me!

Peace be with you😘

Jenna PHD Metaphysical Sciences-Philosophy

Begin Living


There is No perfect answer, no perfect way of living in this world of flesh and bone. To spend time arguing on ideology or Truths just takes you away from the more important thing and that is living in the moment of now. The only real truth is deep inside you, and the only purpose you as flesh and bone is to learn through experiences the way back to you the Soul.
We spend so much wasted time on things that do not grow us, teach us or nurture us. In the end, you are only a thin line between cradle and grave, the in between is just all those experiences that you need to help you find your way back to you the Soul.
There is nothing of this world that you can keep or retain when you reach the leaving of your flesh, all those material things are just dust in the hands of time, all will disappear, even in the memories of those to come after you are gone.
Yet still you fight over wealth, over ideology, over religion, over Love and live in the delusion that all of them will make your life better, but they don’t, they give you a transient happiness of illusion that’s all. The real Love is not a thing, a person or a passion, it is a place inside yourself where the bridge between you the flesh and you the Soul meet and flow in that place of true oneness with self and with all other things.
There is No perfect answer, no perfect way of living in this world.

There is only the meeting of souls in cognicience in the mutual unspoken recognition. I’ve known  this for many life times and the rate of manifestation including the ugly cannot continue status quo.

We are all divinely gifted and it’s sometimes dangerous “work” I’ve had my front window smashed in in our home and cars stolen out of our driveway.


~ Always, Dr. Jenna Leigh Ballard ~




Us ↔️ Them

Transforming the Workplace

Sometimes it is difficult to narrow the subjects to discuss as we are bombarded daily with disruptive information. Today, my focus is on workplace gender inequality, and how it actually started to improve in 2006 as measured in the Global Gender Gap Report of 144 countries prepared by the World Economic Forum. The United States in 2006 was ranked 23rd. Since that time, we have regressed all the wat to 49th, in the same report from 2017 (Forbes, 2017). This decline is shocking and unacceptable, and can be attributable to numerous issues. Some of the key issues that hold women back in the workplace are attributable to culture. Major examples include women not supporting other women in the workplace, and a tolerance for sexual harassment as commonly accepted behavior. How is it possible that a culture of intolerance in the workplace is acceptable in our country?
Women not supporting each other, in my opinion is all in the details. It is the dismissive or insulting looks, and the gossip that undermines. These are among the ways that women get stereotyped as catty and backstabbing. Personally, as a woman in a leadership role, I make it clear during the interviewing process that the culture of our department is “no divas, no gossip, no throwing each other under the proverbial bus.” The follow through is in everyday practice, such that when these behaviors occur, they are not tolerated. By creating a work place culture that is supportive, learning, and that fosters understanding and compassion, then people are happier, and feel accepted.
When people feel that their voices and concerns are heard, they develop loyalty. They respond in positive ways to those days that are more difficult than other days, and give their best efforts to overcome work challenges as they arise. When leaders support positive people that speak up about negative behaviors, all workers feel safe and respected. Honestly, if a company is not willing to change for the better for its employees to thrive equally, then I would recommend looking for another job. I cannot overemphasize the importance of positive leadership, and its critical role in creating the culture that improves all levels of behaviors. With this culture firmly in place, the workplace is transformed into a caring environment in which the worker empower each other.
In contrast, a workplace in which harassment is tolerated is a clear sign of a lack of appropriate leadership and mentoring. In such settings, there are serious unintended consequences, including a forced tendency for good people to avoid taking the change of being in certain situations with women. This excess of caution, while understandable, creates a no-win situation for women, and has a wide range of unfortunate effects including missed opportunities for learning.
Women are what I call pre-victimized—with intolerance and gender stereotyping as a given in typical workplace situations. But in context, how do women move out of middle management roles if labels are placed on them as a risk? Transformation of this mindset, and its consequences, must involve changing the culture. Sexual harassment or workplace bullying cannot be normalized, but neither can avoidance of women in managerial roles, due to perceived risks of equal treatment as bias or harassment. To resolve these difficult issues, women and men must come together to support each other in fighting for integrity. This is the real deal, and the implications cannot be avoided. To do otherwise can destroy lives and careers. It is critical to stabilize these working relationships in gender-equal and gender-neutral ways within the microcosms of offices and industries as well as our society in general.
As a case in point, we must become stronger in standing against sexual harassment and power struggles —understanding that all too ofter, these actions degrade women into submission, in order to keep a career going. Influence is powerful in any work scenario. When a man in a position of power subverts a woman subordinate, then all women pay a heavy price. Putting a woman in a position of weakness destabilizes her ability to achieve any form of gender equality, or acknowledgement and reward for strong work performance. Companies must understand that these undermining forces lead directly to loss of talented professionals. Avoiding such losses should be paramount to decision that enhance the workplace culture to a place of integrity, instead of accepting gutter talk as normal.
Speaking up takes courage. Men and women need to support each other in their efforts to stop undermining and other inappropriate behaviors. To do otherwise is to risk toppling a work place from its proper focus on growth and productivity.
Indeed, it is critical to reinforce this focus by coming up with solutions for preserving women’s talent in various workplace environments. The goal must be to assist with women being able to work and not lose rank and position.
Why do we not stand united to fight these tides of thought that hold women back? Leadership counts more than ever. Leadership is about actions that support a nurturing, caring, safe environment. Such environments promotes people as people, and creates the expectation that work is a safe place – not a place to be victimized, male or female. We need to focus on producing a climate that galvanizes and empowers the silent majority to speak, and serves notice to the noise makers, to stop criticizing and judging people. Then and only then will talented people step up, to rise and reach upwards to be their best. I believe that as we come together to create transformative change, the issues of inequality, disparities in pay differences, and power struggles will be resolved as we work in civil harmony and acceptance, and stop normalizing vile behaviors from anyone.
While writing this article, I realized that we, female and male, are a we, a common species with common heritage, aspirations, and goals. By treating issues in ways that separate us, we risk letting the issues keep us divided. In the larger context of this division, we need to support each other, and avoid the mentalities of “us versus them”, “men versus women”, and “age versus youth”, or any type of difference that keeps people apart. In our diversity we have strength, not detachment. We live in a time of powerful attempts to partition us all, making it all the more important to recognize that our coming together is powerful. Only when we unite will women and all groups be accepted and treated equally.

Zalis, S. (2017). We’re Going Backwards on Gender Equality—Here is How to Drive Change. Forbes. Retrieved online at November 15, 2017.

In Appreciation,


Price of Prejudices 

Today I was thinking about the 150th anniversary of Marie Curie’s birth. As we celebrate her birth and her brilliance, we must also be mindful of how difficult it remains a century and a half later, to overcome the barriers to women in science, technology, leadership, and the military. Marie Curie was a trailblazer in so many ways. Then why are women still struggling to be seen as equals? Why are women, who trying to climb the proverbial wall still being treated with sexual harassment in the workplace? Why is pay not equal for the same roles? As far as we have come, there remains a long road ahead to reach equality.
The answer to all of these questions is rooted in a lack of cultural will, and lack of leadership. It can be found in Archaic ideologies that defies logic but persists in the hearts of people as truths. As one example among many, there is the stubborn idea that men deserve more pay because they have families to raise. Another old thinking idea is that women cannot do math and therefore they cannot be scientists. The very worst of these are the outrageous dismissals of sexual assault, ‘she wanted or she would not have dressed that way.’ These thoughts are obsolete.

We crave leadership that enhances our society, not the mindset of male dominance that draws it back to times of that rationalize this type of thinking as customary. Leadership starts in the home, as children watch their parents, families, and neighbor’s interactions together, apart, and behind closed doors. Abuse should never be overlooked, or accepted as normal behaviors. Respect for women will not happen on a large scale in our society, if we do not change our patterns of abuse towards women and children.
Solutions may come in many forms. I propose that a framework of solutions lies in solid regulation, beginning with laws that demand equal pay in the workplace. We have waited long enough for the private sector to do their due diligence. We must also have laws that go beyond simply reprimanding sexual predators, to mandates as stiff deterrence with community service, and jail time as appropriate. After all, the justice system still places people in jail for marijuana possession in many states, where it is a felony despite being a victimless ‘crime’.
Part two of the solution framework would be education. We must have law enforcement with a justice system that does not try the victims for crimes committed against them. The justice system must focus on rehabing men when incarcerated, to reduce or eliminate the recurrence of future abusive behaviors. Law enforcement must establish beyond doubt that abuse to spouses is not going to be tolerated even within their own ranks. The system must, forego a hush mentality in instances of abuse, and involve reprimands greater than counseling sessions as the only punishment to abusive men.
Facts about women and policing can be read at Police Family Violence Fact Sheet, at the National Center for Women and Policing. The actual statistics regarding abuse are astonishing. I know that I believed we had progressed toward a less violent future, but there is so much more to be done to fight for even the simplest forms of safety. We can only do this together, in a united stance of change.
Education is a big term that encompasses many aspects of our lives. What if we started in pre-school, continued through high school, and then into higher education for a consistent message of gender equality in our culture? What if Hollywood after the shocking “Weinstein” revelations of sexual coercion, rape, harassment and abuse of powers – might proactively change media productions, moving away from women being exploited?
Education is more than classes about sexual harassment, and as we have learned recently, it is not working. Instead, we need to change our culture of what is acceptable and what is not. This requires consistency in the classroom, workplace, and society in general. For far too long women have suffered under the power of a patriarchal culture that promotes and glamorizes sexual exploitation. As in many aspects of America’s moral decline, it is time for change. We cannot tolerate this for the future of women.
The third part of the solution is strong leadership. This leadership is needed at every level, from mentoring in the workplace, to the White House. It can no longer be accepted that the leader of the free world is accused by 16 women currently, and countless other accusations regarding his sexual inappropriate or actions including rape. We, as a society do not need, but require a leadership role that conveys gender-equality, income-equality, and equality of thought. This includes role modeling for behaviors that are respectful and decent for our children to learn. Recently, Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz was subjected to disrespectful, unconstructive criticism from the president and FEMA administrator, Brock Long. In several statements to the press, Mr. Long voiced that the mayor of San Juan had been filtered out of the conversations about recovery from Hurricane Maria (O,Connor, 2017). Interactions were channeled to the Governor instead. Not only was she criticized, she was summarily dismissed from the conversation for assistance and recovery for Puerto Rico. This is an instance of clear disrespect of Mrs. Cruz’s role in leadership as a woman. She was terminated from the perceived adults in the conversation with disdain as a woman that criticized a ruling man despite the truths that she spoke. This is an example of how men disrespect women in leadership. Another example that speaks loudly to our children is Hillary Clinton. She lives as the prime example of disrespecting strong women in leadership roles. The hateful antics of men towards Mrs. Clinton in her many successful leadership roles are well documented.
If these things are done in unity together as a nation, we can succeed in helping young women speak with their voices. I believe that this future as a possible, a way of living that is not full of violence towards women, hidden messages of hate translated into “sit down, and be quiet”. A future of Marie Curies, and countless other women that help us know role models in science, technology, education, politics, social justice and many more avenues.
Exhibiting strength of ability, as agents for positive change who happen to be women —-that is our destiny. Our future is dependent upon a path for women that is not grounded in disregard, disrespect, sexual objectification, or disdain. I wish for a future where our sons and daughters, and grandchildren may live and work in a culture of forward thinking that is not littered with these avoidable barriers. We must embrace “women’s rights, as human rights” as said so eloquently by Hillary Clinton (1995).
Clinton, H. R. (1995). United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women Beijing. Retrieved from
O’Connor, B. (2017). Fema Director: We filter out,’ San Juan Mayor ‘a long time ago.’ Politico, 10/08/17. Retrieved online at


We at #WomenRising are very pleased and excited to have our resident writer @ZenZen2121 contributing to blog again. Recognizing that authenticity comes from within and can only be heartfelt everywhere. Anyone who resonates with us is welcome to join in.

This weeks entry is written by ZenZen2121🦋

I Won’t or I Can’t

It takes a great Soul to not only recognise their own fractures and heal them, but to see others and guide them to their own self healing. For truly, the greatest teachers and healers come from a brokeness that helps them see not the brokeness in others but the beauty and worth in others.
In a world filled with so much hate and illusion, so much separation and division, there are those quietly creating change in themselves and in others,they do so quietly and with humble hearts, gentle hands and speak with a simple understanding that does not need to be articulated with words that need a dictionary, theirs words are spoken from the heart to the hearts of those who come to them.
Vale to the peace makers

Listening to frustration and conversation from a stance of observation allows the individual to articulate and feel heard. Simply almost every time it can be summed up with the phrases “I can’t or I won’t” From there I will know how the following dialogue will flow or not. I CAN’T is not a favourite phrase of mine as to me it indicates the skill set including mindset of the client. Too vague and too much to encompass or influence their result if desired. I WON’T to me indicates motivation or lack of which can totally be worked with when you break down the components of the desired outcome and many times they are stuck and need a fresh approach to what they want to accomplish with the skill set and mindset they already possess.

We are witnessing acts of humanity and collectively crushing the antics of cowardly power mongers. There is very little I could add to the complete and absolute abuse of misplaced power. People, everyone is stepping into their power and every act of kindness sends a energetic ripple of healing that can literally be grabbed out of the air. Lest we forget? This is a silent/not so silent war on entitlement. The appitamy of judgement and self loathing so deep that the layers of perceived power wrapped to disguise their little self. One can be excused with the application of operating from what you know but we’ve long surpassed that personal responsibility.

Thing about opinions, they are always biased to whatever you see as right and whatever they see or do as wrong.
Opinions, they are just walls we put up to divide ourselves from every one else in the pretext that our understanding is greater than any one else’s.
To have an opinion is not something we should stop having, but thinking our opinion is far more worthy than any one else’s is just stopping each other from seeing the amazing diversity and unique seeing we are all capable of having.
The best kind of opinion is one shared with the grace that the other persons opinion also matters and deserves to be respected and listened as much as our own.
In the end, opinions should be shared like a feast, where we all partake in the exchange of different ideas that fill not only our minds but also our understanding of the ability to grow from the many not the few. We are being shown and taught just how far from source energy we have ventured. Divine guidance is resounding. I was brought up very strict in the Orthodox Christian Reformed church within the “community” our circles and schools, life rarely ventured outside that circle.

Becoming a Metaphysician just promoted alianation as there was absolutely no expansive thinking or room for growth within the life and people in it. Out of necessity creates many freeing moments to be the catalyst for your new way of being. This is true for what is happening now the saying- there is order in chaos- is playing out right now. It’s unprecedented to witness how countries without any approval are doing the right thing many times out of disbelief at the blatant invisible status of deeming being worthy of saving or not. Heaven help anyone who intentionally turned away as hell applauds them. In this case it’s clearly an I Won’t as  “will” is exercised with intent to harm. The polar opposite is being created and remembered as new energies rewire and bring us closer to the state of our innate being our source created us in, the act of remembering isn’t easy and many physical symptoms rise to be released and healed and those souls that are choosing to leave are doing so with an even greater push to us from behind. We are gently getting our asses kicked.

Be the love our spark was that created us!



Ease & Grace


The way of the true warrior is in the letting go of their Ego, in letting go of the need to be strong, to win every battle, to be seen as mighty or heroic, no, the true way of the warrior is in having a peaceful heart, having the endless ability to love all without regard to the beauty or greatness of someone, to love oneself so purely that the only thing that can come from you is love and love only. I am no longer the warrior unafraid of the darkness, I am rather a simple wo/man who learned to feel pain of losing someone and understand the fear of losing someone again is a heavy cross to bear, but in all that fear, I choose to live with a loving heart, with an open heart, with the peaceful heart of a warrior who understands that true beauty, true love, first comes from within and then touches all from without.
I choose the peaceful path of loving without fear, without ego, and allow my journey to be always about understanding and forgiveness, about seeing without judgement, about loving without borders or walls, about being flawed not perfect, and about being open even when pain is likely, so that in my simple way i can allow you to shine above me & with me!

Peace be with you😘

Jenna PHD Metaphysical Sciences-Philosophy


Note: Water in both tanks came from the same source.
The tank on the right has oysters!



Throughout History one thing becomes clear, and that is when the Many stay silent and ignore the bad things going on the Few profit greatly in the Many’s silence.
Right now our Health Systems are being sold out to the profit Merchants while our Governments wash their hands and accept the donations to pay for their re-elections. The Education system is being dumbed down as smart kids see through the lies and deceptions and original thinking is dangerous to those who want hold the reins of power.
We are being numbered silently through our credit cards and our personal information stored and a profile of who you are is being created by where you go, what you buy and what your doing. We are progressively being fined through speeding, parking and other minor infringements as a way to slowly cower you into a submissive way of living.
But in all these things still there are those who choose to be individuals not conformist, who choose to speak out loudly rather then be silent, who choose to live in rebellion rather then in fear. There is still hope in this world when there are still voices shouting out in the the silence, for in those voices live the spark of defiance and the winds of change.

i discovered this photo of the often sought after oysters. Any scientist would concur at the accuracy of the description and yet oysters are considered a delicacy and aphrodisiac. The irony of current world events are uncanny in the perception of oysters as opposed to their reality and what their natural place in nature truly is.

When you have a visual like this it stirs what is silent within. Truth cannot be “explained” truth is. The moment you attempt to explain… it gets sticky and wordy. My point is you’ve planted you seed, very often unintentionally and the person isn’t ready to receive or how they learn (mechanism) is different from you.

For if there is one magical thing I can share it is this:

To regard what we’ve been conditioned as not conscious, like trees, waters and birds, as actually being so; to even open up dialogues with a deeper essence of such things, as if they are alive in ways that we are too, but perhaps radiating in realms beyond our own conditioned spectrum–to open pathways of communication with a wider sense of the world ALWAYS creates a response. And that response can be the most enchanting thing: an immediate feeling, a dream-visit, even a brazen teaching-revelation, often consecrated through a meaningful dance of circumstance. Truly, there is such a gargantuan loneliness in the civilized world that has treated nature so unkind to ignore its perpetual friendship. What an insult, to ignore a Goddess in her authentic and indomitable loveliness (most men know too tragically well…). We are so alone, in ways that we haven’t even begun to wonder and so much is plundered in or souls by this thieving of exquisite connectivity and multi-dimensional civility. Yet, glory here too: for in one turn, one look of affection, one reverent prayer, one soul-struck song, She will be smothering you in kisses, graces and blessings, everlong. And you’ll realize that creation IS a love story. And more will be saved than can be understood. As it is right now it seems out of reach. Our Mother Earth shakes us in ways to shatter ego and demand action. Will you validate the intangible or stay safe and eat the muck of oysters so eloquently disguised as a delicacy as many seek to reap the illusion of enhancement they have been conditioned to believe.

I have often told my girls that as in the movie “Intersteller” I need to hold down for the deep sleep! Wake me in 50 years.

i know what I know and I know it was gifted to my biological parents as well and I see I was guided out of that ancestry so I could pursue my own interests and study. Metaphysician is what I intend on opening to the mainstream, in an unregulated, as many holistic practices are – we are literally fighting with the conventional thinkers not out of lack but – fear of not having the comprehension of our visionary sight. My belief in the process of healing self on every level has been proven in case studies that even the participants had NO idea how the ideas and action and fruition came to be, and so it is. Biblical verses have many times referred to Blessed be the believers and faith and trusting in our Angelic realm and pure bliss wins every time.

We are in times where the consciousness of humanity has reached the tipping point and just as the old disguised in what ever form it takes pulls at the lowest vibrating on our planet to seethe out their continuous chaos, court systems, elections, degradation, separation…. Open yourself to the possible change of perception, or stay content in literally consuming the mire of the aphrodisiac oyster! The power has always been WITH you, visualize what is going on in the world, understand this awareness needed to reel its ugly self in order to have the conviction of #TheResistance to purge. Stay with it🍾


All love ❤️



Gender lessons – Vivienne Ming

In previous posts here at #WomenRising, we have discussed the many ways in which women’s potentials are suppressed – in society and in the workplace – by the combination of forces that comprise the male patriarchy. Women of superior abilities are often systematically prevented from achieving, at anything like their full potentials. And in many cases, the suppression is done by less talented men who are nonetheless in dominant positions.

Logically, it is clear that there is a macro- and micro-economic cost to this kind of suppression. When a person of superior ability is prevented from expressing those abilities through creative, intrinsically valuable production, there is clearly a loss of economic potential.

I touched on these issues in a recent conversation with a brother-in-law, who holds a senior position in a Fortune 500 company and has an MBA from MIT. I expressed my opinion that the economic losses, from this kind of suppression, might amount to 2% of GDP per year in the United States. He agreed with me in principle, though neither of us knew what the numbers would be, or any study that had estimated them. But by way of illustration, he pointed out a very interesting case study – one that I believe has strong relevance for these issues.

The case he referred to was that of Vivienne Ming – a remarkable person with an amazing personal story – a multitalented inventor, physicist and neuroscientist. You can learn more on her website:

He also recommended a really interesting article in The Atlantic – as an example of how male and female genders are treated, in a case where both are the same person!

The article describes some of Ming’s extraordinary life story and accomplishments, and is told in the context of her gender transition in her 30s. It describes, in fascinating detail, the changes in perception of her – as a person and as a colleague – that followed the change in gender.

Both before and after the transition, Ming was extremely talented and innovative, with multiple career specialties and a long list of amazing accomplishments. But in the ways that others dealt with her, and in their perceptions of her abilities, she saw remarkable divergence as a woman from the status she had as a man. These differences highlight the treatment of gender by society, and the ways in which gender bias drives radically different presumptions about males vs. females – in this case, an individual who is both male AND female at different times in life.
With the medical procedures of Ming’s gender transition, certain changes occurred, and others didn’t happen at all. Put simply, in most respects Ming was the same person, before and after the transition. But by crossing the gender line, she also crossed the boundary between male treatment and female treatment, even as a single individual. And this excerpt from the article gives a striking illustration of the contrast – between the boundary that was not crossed as one individual, and the gender bias that suddenly treated her as a stereotyped female.

“Almost overnight, they stopped asking me math questions,” said Ming. During her transition, she was working as a scientist, and her colleagues thought highly of her skills. She had even developed a unique, complex algorithm as a grad student—an algorithm she used to create an artificial intelligence that learned to hear, which she then put into a neuro-prosthetic cochlear implant… But after her transition, nobody asked her about math anymore. This was a striking moment for a person who had grown up with the “arbitrary privilege” of being male: “Nobody told me I couldn’t do math or be a scientist,” she said.

In the context of this stunning display of gender bias, it is striking that Ming’s productivity as an inventor – with advanced math and science as integral components in her work – appears to have accelerated. And notably, the increased levels of estrogen from transitioning may have played a positive role. “To her mind, both as neuroscientist and as a person who experienced transitioning to a woman, estrogen is nothing short of a wonder drug.”

For me as a scientist, it is fascinating to note the contrasting views of colleagues with respect to the same person, and the same skill set, but before and after gender transition. Vivienne Ming’s story presents a clear case study of one individual. But other cases are also discussed in the article, and similar effects on the perceptions of others were observed.

There are lessons to be learned from these stories, and we should take heed. Biases in our thinking are pernicious, and can be extremely difficult to overcome. But knowing that we have them is surely a first step to doing better, and a call to beware of easy conclusions. And in all cases in our lives, we need to evaluate the true person, and the true abilities that each presents, and proceed in our dealings based on those facts.

Written with love by @textifyer59


Gender lessons – Vivienne Ming


Are not all relationships at first based on some kind of illusion before slowly we begin to understand the person we are attracted to…. Is that not the journey to each other a journey through the illusion of finding each other through difficulities and misunderstandings until all that is left is you and I= Soulular Connection, felt by each soul regardless of where their physical bodies are ❤️

When the atmosphere clears itself after periods of intense weather, so do we.
According to the Mayans the 24th May was a date with incredible energetic potential, opening doors within our consciousness that have been unavailable until now.
The raising of the planetary vibration is not a random event. It is a carefully planned and coordinated operation that was been planned long before we incarnated into physical bodies. Everything has a cause and effect and there is always a reason behind every occurrence.
Many of you may be looking at the media (false news) and wondering how on Earth we are going to retrieve a planet so far gone.

Everything in our reality is a result of our focus and intention. As Within So Without.
Choosing a positive perspective is an ideology that comes under scrutiny as it can be regarded as ‘fluffy’ and ‘unrealistic’. Considering that Collective Reality maintains the biosphere of our existence it would therefore be logical to collectively focus upon a happy, loving and balanced world.

The confusion and disruption that is prevalent around us seems to be increasing. There is a ‘last stand’ being made by energies that would prefer to see souls living in limited form and despite their best efforts our planet will ascend precisely as it has always been destined to.
We as Earth residents are all playing incredibly powerful roles with each of us holding individual keys to a unified lock. When a certain quantity of keys have been used to open this lock then the door swings open.
The door swung open on the 24th May.
There is now a unified Collective mass of fully open hearts on Earth. This unity has completely altered the structure of the resonant field of energy both surrounding and woven into the Gaia Matrix.

Whatever is presented to you keep your eyes on the prize, your target. We are incredible creators of a new reality and all of us are required to step up now, no job too large or small.
Just as lightning illuminates the night we are now treading the paths walked previously only by few.

i am bringing in some parallels in relationships and the New Age or spiritual way of thinking. Way too many people hold the belief system that it has to be one or the other. Many well known transformational speakers silently discovered that taking “sides” proved devistating for their bottom line. Less followers = Less $$.! You will never ever hear that put that simply by anyone who has made millions off of “helping” you with something that could of required private sessions at a set price. Instead the grand marketing of enrolling hundreds and the thousands for all these different courses at thousands of dollars a pop, you know- just to be in the room with_________ hint: that blank is where you enter the name of your go to guru.

It had its place and new faces and reasources will always emerge. Be wise and research because my Ah Ha! moment was over a decade ago at a lay over in O’Hare airport after giving a series of workshops and understanding when people are searching for ?? No one in any capacity has the right to put words in someone else’s mouth or have them unknowingly-some may even do it willingly as everyone else at the seminar is  , drink the kook aid (not a mistake, I meant that spelling)

Be responsible to yourself, financially and independently. I myself have paid out for seminars enough to pay off my mortgage and then some💸 know your price points and pay for what has value for you. There is no easier script to follow. My views are my own and I think the reader can surmise they would hardly be popular. I speak not just from doing but being able to stand back and observe critically the free landsing of under educated people elevated to self made positions. As a professional Nurse and now Counselor, that’s risky!


1. Are you teachable?

2. Who do you listen too?


Your life, your story. Only you can answer as to who you let in. Never undermine your value!

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P.S My auto correct and I have a precarious relationship, I love the play on words, IT doesn’t 🛎