Ease & Grace


The way of the true warrior is in the letting go of their Ego, in letting go of the need to be strong, to win every battle, to be seen as mighty or heroic, no, the true way of the warrior is in having a peaceful heart, having the endless ability to love all without regard to the beauty or greatness of someone, to love oneself so purely that the only thing that can come from you is love and love only. I am no longer the warrior unafraid of the darkness, I am rather a simple wo/man who learned to feel pain of losing someone and understand the fear of losing someone again is a heavy cross to bear, but in all that fear, I choose to live with a loving heart, with an open heart, with the peaceful heart of a warrior who understands that true beauty, true love, first comes from within and then touches all from without.
I choose the peaceful path of loving without fear, without ego, and allow my journey to be always about understanding and forgiveness, about seeing without judgement, about loving without borders or walls, about being flawed not perfect, and about being open even when pain is likely, so that in my simple way i can allow you to shine above me & with me!

Peace be with you😘

Jenna PHD Metaphysical Sciences-Philosophy


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