Note: Water in both tanks came from the same source.
The tank on the right has oysters!



Throughout History one thing becomes clear, and that is when the Many stay silent and ignore the bad things going on the Few profit greatly in the Many’s silence.
Right now our Health Systems are being sold out to the profit Merchants while our Governments wash their hands and accept the donations to pay for their re-elections. The Education system is being dumbed down as smart kids see through the lies and deceptions and original thinking is dangerous to those who want hold the reins of power.
We are being numbered silently through our credit cards and our personal information stored and a profile of who you are is being created by where you go, what you buy and what your doing. We are progressively being fined through speeding, parking and other minor infringements as a way to slowly cower you into a submissive way of living.
But in all these things still there are those who choose to be individuals not conformist, who choose to speak out loudly rather then be silent, who choose to live in rebellion rather then in fear. There is still hope in this world when there are still voices shouting out in the the silence, for in those voices live the spark of defiance and the winds of change.

i discovered this photo of the often sought after oysters. Any scientist would concur at the accuracy of the description and yet oysters are considered a delicacy and aphrodisiac. The irony of current world events are uncanny in the perception of oysters as opposed to their reality and what their natural place in nature truly is.

When you have a visual like this it stirs what is silent within. Truth cannot be “explained” truth is. The moment you attempt to explain… it gets sticky and wordy. My point is you’ve planted you seed, very often unintentionally and the person isn’t ready to receive or how they learn (mechanism) is different from you.

For if there is one magical thing I can share it is this:

To regard what we’ve been conditioned as not conscious, like trees, waters and birds, as actually being so; to even open up dialogues with a deeper essence of such things, as if they are alive in ways that we are too, but perhaps radiating in realms beyond our own conditioned spectrum–to open pathways of communication with a wider sense of the world ALWAYS creates a response. And that response can be the most enchanting thing: an immediate feeling, a dream-visit, even a brazen teaching-revelation, often consecrated through a meaningful dance of circumstance. Truly, there is such a gargantuan loneliness in the civilized world that has treated nature so unkind to ignore its perpetual friendship. What an insult, to ignore a Goddess in her authentic and indomitable loveliness (most men know too tragically well…). We are so alone, in ways that we haven’t even begun to wonder and so much is plundered in or souls by this thieving of exquisite connectivity and multi-dimensional civility. Yet, glory here too: for in one turn, one look of affection, one reverent prayer, one soul-struck song, She will be smothering you in kisses, graces and blessings, everlong. And you’ll realize that creation IS a love story. And more will be saved than can be understood. As it is right now it seems out of reach. Our Mother Earth shakes us in ways to shatter ego and demand action. Will you validate the intangible or stay safe and eat the muck of oysters so eloquently disguised as a delicacy as many seek to reap the illusion of enhancement they have been conditioned to believe.

I have often told my girls that as in the movie “Intersteller” I need to hold down for the deep sleep! Wake me in 50 years.

i know what I know and I know it was gifted to my biological parents as well and I see I was guided out of that ancestry so I could pursue my own interests and study. Metaphysician is what I intend on opening to the mainstream, in an unregulated, as many holistic practices are – we are literally fighting with the conventional thinkers not out of lack but – fear of not having the comprehension of our visionary sight. My belief in the process of healing self on every level has been proven in case studies that even the participants had NO idea how the ideas and action and fruition came to be, and so it is. Biblical verses have many times referred to Blessed be the believers and faith and trusting in our Angelic realm and pure bliss wins every time.

We are in times where the consciousness of humanity has reached the tipping point and just as the old disguised in what ever form it takes pulls at the lowest vibrating on our planet to seethe out their continuous chaos, court systems, elections, degradation, separation…. Open yourself to the possible change of perception, or stay content in literally consuming the mire of the aphrodisiac oyster! The power has always been WITH you, visualize what is going on in the world, understand this awareness needed to reel its ugly self in order to have the conviction of #TheResistance to purge. Stay with it🍾


All love ❤️



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