Are not all relationships at first based on some kind of illusion before slowly we begin to understand the person we are attracted to…. Is that not the journey to each other a journey through the illusion of finding each other through difficulities and misunderstandings until all that is left is you and I= Soulular Connection, felt by each soul regardless of where their physical bodies are ❤️

When the atmosphere clears itself after periods of intense weather, so do we.
According to the Mayans the 24th May was a date with incredible energetic potential, opening doors within our consciousness that have been unavailable until now.
The raising of the planetary vibration is not a random event. It is a carefully planned and coordinated operation that was been planned long before we incarnated into physical bodies. Everything has a cause and effect and there is always a reason behind every occurrence.
Many of you may be looking at the media (false news) and wondering how on Earth we are going to retrieve a planet so far gone.

Everything in our reality is a result of our focus and intention. As Within So Without.
Choosing a positive perspective is an ideology that comes under scrutiny as it can be regarded as ‘fluffy’ and ‘unrealistic’. Considering that Collective Reality maintains the biosphere of our existence it would therefore be logical to collectively focus upon a happy, loving and balanced world.

The confusion and disruption that is prevalent around us seems to be increasing. There is a ‘last stand’ being made by energies that would prefer to see souls living in limited form and despite their best efforts our planet will ascend precisely as it has always been destined to.
We as Earth residents are all playing incredibly powerful roles with each of us holding individual keys to a unified lock. When a certain quantity of keys have been used to open this lock then the door swings open.
The door swung open on the 24th May.
There is now a unified Collective mass of fully open hearts on Earth. This unity has completely altered the structure of the resonant field of energy both surrounding and woven into the Gaia Matrix.

Whatever is presented to you keep your eyes on the prize, your target. We are incredible creators of a new reality and all of us are required to step up now, no job too large or small.
Just as lightning illuminates the night we are now treading the paths walked previously only by few.

i am bringing in some parallels in relationships and the New Age or spiritual way of thinking. Way too many people hold the belief system that it has to be one or the other. Many well known transformational speakers silently discovered that taking “sides” proved devistating for their bottom line. Less followers = Less $$.! You will never ever hear that put that simply by anyone who has made millions off of “helping” you with something that could of required private sessions at a set price. Instead the grand marketing of enrolling hundreds and the thousands for all these different courses at thousands of dollars a pop, you know- just to be in the room with_________ hint: that blank is where you enter the name of your go to guru.

It had its place and new faces and reasources will always emerge. Be wise and research because my Ah Ha! moment was over a decade ago at a lay over in O’Hare airport after giving a series of workshops and understanding when people are searching for ?? No one in any capacity has the right to put words in someone else’s mouth or have them unknowingly-some may even do it willingly as everyone else at the seminar is  , drink the kook aid (not a mistake, I meant that spelling)

Be responsible to yourself, financially and independently. I myself have paid out for seminars enough to pay off my mortgage and then some💸 know your price points and pay for what has value for you. There is no easier script to follow. My views are my own and I think the reader can surmise they would hardly be popular. I speak not just from doing but being able to stand back and observe critically the free landsing of under educated people elevated to self made positions. As a professional Nurse and now Counselor, that’s risky!


1. Are you teachable?

2. Who do you listen too?


Your life, your story. Only you can answer as to who you let in. Never undermine your value!

Written and Submitted by @PH_D888

P.S My auto correct and I have a precarious relationship, I love the play on words, IT doesn’t 🛎


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