Golden Thread

 Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it because you can’t know. You can’t ever really know the meaning of your life. And you don’t need to. Just know that your life has a meaning. Every life has a meaning, whether it lasts one hundred years or one hundred seconds. Every life, and every death, changes the world in its own way. Gandhi knew this. He knew his life would mean something to someone, somewhere, somehow. And he knew with as much certainty that he could never know that meaning. He understood that enjoying life should be of much greater concern then understanding it. And so do I. You can’t know. So don’t take it for granted, but don’t take it too seriously. Don’t postpone what you want. Don’t leave anything misunderstood. Make sure the people you care about know. Make sure they know how you really feel, because just like that. It could end…❀

Spirituality is the affirming of the universal ground of being of which all humans and indeed life-forms exist. SPIRIT is but another name for what modern science is just now beginning to illuminate, namely the zero-point field which pervades the whole cosmos; is the very ground of the cosmos; a field which is also teeming with unseen forces, intelligence and perpetual discoveries of its mystery and miraculous qualities. To be spiritual is to be interested, often deeply and devotedly, in empowering this universal sensibility and identity, which subsequently makes one prone to being involved in remaking the world to harmonize with this universal truth-hood. This means striving for dynamic equality, justice for all, protection of what is sacred, pursuing the unfolding of human potential, fostering fierce peace and love in one’s life, to be generous fervently, to realize that goodness is the essence of the human being and, thus, to be on fire now with a desire to do good increasingly as a pledge of allegiance to what we really are (which can be hyper-obscured in the wiles of Western civilization).
More and more I’m witnessing the rising of interest in spirituality and more and more people truly beginning to centre their lives along spiritual lines. It’s important now for us to no longer be vague about what spirituality means and what it means to be spiritual. It needs to be defined and elucidated so that it is not seen as something trivial and fanciful. This is a tremendously exciting time. This rising of spirituality is being caused also by the duress of modern civilization crumbling at its very core and the seeking to find new meaning. Some are plunging into zealotry and bigotry as a result so it is more important than ever for spiritual culture to emerge in the world and captivate those dealing with existential nausea to come and find the arms of Spirit.
The truth of spiritual reality has always been the harbinger of awakening to the wisdom of the ages– the golden thread of universal knowledge shared and exalted alike by every culture the world over. As we awaken en masse to this, we are catalyzing what will be one of the most profound turning points in the human record. There is much work still to do, good work, exciting work, but also daring work and I have so much faith for I see and know what happens to a life when they awaken to SPIRIT. I see the stagnation that all of sudden begins to be burned away by those suddenly sparkling eyes. I see the reigniting of curiousity and a sense of wonder even in the elderly as the eternal youth of the soul comes online. I see the relentless drive to develop, evolve, and love in an ever greater capacity.


Rebirth, resurrection, the phoenix ascends from the most pitiful ashes. And I see the indomitable beauty and genius of our humanity and there is no longer need for faith for it is lived, for it is lived…


Be Well and live well, much love



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