The present escalation of madness on the geo-political stage, ramping us up to another potential world war is teaching one strident lesson to humanity

-we as a species can be self-governing; self-direction is our natural essence-

We do not need these psychopathic nexuses masquerading as ‘governments’. It is time for us to wake-up beyond the disempowerment of millennia old manipulation and realize our sovereignty and glory to create our own lives and our own dynamic communities.

The true question now is: how do we radically disconnect from this sick system to foster the space to create a new world based on a refreshed species identity, drawing from the resources of the wisdoms of the ages? This is already occurring in many magnificent places the world over, such as Findhorn, Auroville, and Damanhur. Many more will continue to foment.

Herman Hesse was onto something with The Glassbead Game and his fantastical idea of a whole continent created as a university for all to actualize the self-direction principle which is our natural proclivity. Think for yourself, and free yourself. This is our destiny…


Many of our antiquated systems no longer serve the consciously aware, we blindly trusted in patriarchal hierarchys who successfully instilled fear as the biggest controller be it banks, mortgages/brokers… It always comes back to keeping the masses in fear.

We are resonance and frequency, beings of living energy; ecstatically intelligent luminosity; brazen radiances of creativity. We are remembering the great powers innate and the splendorous wisdom of nature of which we are reclaiming ardent allegiance. Via this reconnection, we are beginning to channel and weave with universal forces of insurmountable beauty, truth and power–power of a love renewed, revisioned, reborn. These powers open us to mastery of this reality and the bold throwing off of all the dastardly deceptions that have rivaled our true stead. In our ascension and expansion into our monstrous strengths of virtue and righteous magic, the shadowy knavery of the tyrants is being FULLY illuminated by the indomitable glory that seethes in the deep of our Hearts, unleashing us as an unstoppable evolution toward kinship again with the ultimate knowings of the universe. The cosmos speaks through us. We remember where we are from and our natural divinity. We shall no longer be duped nor follow these duplicitous manipulations toward self-destruction. NAY! We shall awaken and then walk then stride then run toward the greatest heights of our birthright in bliss, sovereignty and kinship to Her, She who has been called Earth, also known as WISDOM itself and all that is for doomsday shall have their doom in their own backfiring matrix, falling apart by the infinity of our ferocious peace.

Unity will become so effervescent that the name will heed to something as yet only imaginable.

And we shall revel as we have, as we will evermore, in ecstatic rapport with the Earth and our cosmic heritage, our truth grown wings and flying beyond all clawing hands of two-faced gods to join the stars and the eternity of innocence–original blessings!

You are blessed to be a blessing and may all that has been taken(and you know your purest truth) be restored magnified. I celebrate this space with you and hold virtual loving embraces for all imparted. You are perfection, Gods holiest creation. Go and find solace in any little thing you may find to uplift and contribute to another life and may that spring of well being erupt in joy!!


You are loved 🌎💜

Jennifer Leigh Ballard PHD


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