REFLECTION: Wisdom grows from the seed of understanding; Respect grows from seed of actions not words; Love comes from the seed of friendship; ‘Everything is a seed of some sort growing in the soil of your heart, how much you water them and allow the sunlight to shine on them is how strong the seed grows or withers on the tree of your life’ is your choice.

“I would like to take a minute to personally thank Donald Trump. Thanks to him, I am now more involved than ever in my community and what I believe in. I am now a monthly supporter of Planned Parenthood, WTF (funds cut through UN) and also will be delivering meals to seniors locally through Meals on Wheels, once or twice a month. I am not contributing a lot financially, but anything will help and I have ‘to put my money, where my mouth is’. I am also sharing this, because I hope I will inspire some of you, to also get involved any way you can, with time, money or both. Remember “Love always trumps hate” & if you are, like me, worried about where our country is going, take the first step with me ;).” Something a gf in the States posted.

Which side of the beast are you going to feed? There is no correct answer other then what resides in your heart. It is out of necessity that #TheResistance gains and will continue to gain momentum. So let’s get back to the seedlings emerging… anyone can be a hot head and roar up a crowd. True power relays a sort of stay and not feeding into the chaos. Acknowledging contribution and respecting each other’s actions, do you truly know what will go viral? What has emerge in this America the world now sees is a loveless place of status. What is your definition of happiness? Questions that would only be scoffed at because those faceless beings  beholding abusive power feel absolute as if they’ve accomplished the highest mountain peak in the world, without the training and sacrifice an actual trainee would endure. Unfortunately the women associated with these males are hardly bold and the first ones to condone and be condescending to any female who challenges their status quo. Let them live their fakeness and chase the money as it is a life that has become their reality.

I’d like to change the perspective from this ugliness to the real ness of some very celebrated men I’ve encountered in my groups.

i simply asked them what they wanted, very open ended, and simplicity and training was two words it came down to. I meet with men who have been abused and abusive and some have lost CEO positions, basically they feel they are starting from scratch. It may take some time but they do concede to see the intervention as an escape from the torrent of hell. The ease in which they open up when they feel heard is so delish! So ladies, let’s celebrate our differences, men feel overwhelmed with a barrage of words when all you need to say is -the phone stays off when we are eating- And ladies sometimes your man will stay silent because he feels his words aren’t eloquent enough. The men stated and they got really excited when they said they craved range. They want to feel the connection even the nurturing of a divine mother Mary right with the sass of a cock loving worshipping whore👊 I’ll stop there. Everyone agreed that the turn on was when you really fuck up and she comes at you with all the rage and passion that is ensuing!! I don’t think the men are alone on that point. Basically that points to the system of training and rewarding, that works in personal as well as professional structures. As much as ladies wish for their mans business to remain separate, that is also a role reversal on the fast track of rising. Men aren’t feeling heard or appreciated and sometimes they want to be our heros and when we are staunchly independent and don’t separate business it repels men. A big complaint was sensing and knowing when their women wasn’t speaking from their heart and had disconnected from them and the intimacy of being vulnerable with each other was lost. Men want to feel us, and not just literally. They want to know the one thing you implicitly trust in them, and not feel rushed-just slow down. So find new ways to surrender because if you are with someone (male or female) in which you are not at ease with surrendering to, why are you there?

a simple way to change communication is through movement. Men are long known to be visual. Do you slid out of bed in the morning not really wanting to leave but you also want that coffee or do you firmly smack your feet on the ground and face  your back to your partner silently announcing- the days begun! Then there is your eyes and this works for both sexes. It’s unmistakable to not be mesmerized by someone on the same frequency as you as you can feel the entire universe in them and around you both just by looking into each other. And again if you do not feel this or worst avoid doing this, you are not only cheating yourself of love but the person with you and that frequency sends out and pretty soon that is the “quality”  of the relationships your lifeline and what you associated with.

This brings me back to my initial point of the loveless, corrupt beaurecrates who believe they are beyond reproach. To the sacred masculine in some very wonderful heartfelt men I honour you and thank you for your acknowledgement of repressing women. #TheRessistance will succeed and all is as it should be.

And so it is.


(Articles are written in its entirety and cannot be reproduced in part without written explicit permission)


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