No Doubts!

Is This It?

At what point do you stop and take stock of how things are or aren’t adding up? I see people when they have spiralled beyond their own control and always caught up in emotion.

The definition of apathy:behaviour that shows no interest or energy and shows that someone is unwilling to take action, especially over something important (Cambridge Dictionary)

The argument remains unchanged with professionals about how to deal with behaviours unconventional as I do but to continue with the Rx of scripts inepting the person to consciously manage their emotion as opposed to playing the scenario out over and over with different words and pills and then sit back perplexed as to why the cycle of abuse or co dependency repeats. Nothing, absolutely nothing has been resolved and the client or patient has learned a new set of dependency “skills”

Our bodies are intrinsically intertwined vessels of mass and energy. I was never so stoked as when I was in one of my Anatomy courses and the song 🎶 hip bones connected to the…🎶 When you can comprehend how perfectly our creator created us it becomes impossible to view our being as anything but a temple. Our souls chose to incarnate with the direct vibrational match of our mothers. For me it’s direct feedback on where or how I was when I watch different traits and level of morality in my own daughters even now as they gain more responsibility in their life. To back up a bit… I was born under a different name to someone who wasn’t willing to be a mom. I was fostered out until 2 and adopted by my foster parents. I grew up with the indoctrination of Orthodox Christian Reformed. We did nothing outside of that circle. When I chose nursing as a vocation my parents were pleased, I was still in people pleasing mode then 🤒 It’s all I knew. It was not a wrong choice but I knew I needed to reach people BEFORE any physical symptoms manifested. When I started taking courses in alternative healings things were still ok, but when I started teaching and counselling different ways of being and new perspectives, not only did a huge chunk of conventional thinkers fall away I had to deal with being discredited in my profession BY colleagues.

The reason I am sharing a snippet of my insights is to understand the path that has emerged world wide is hardly something new. I believe this is a collective result of purging. The perceived elite is not use to hearing the word NO!! There is enough of a critical mass now to bring accountability to con artists who have lived well at great costs to others. The raw underbelly has remained unchallenged. The purge is not as literal as you envision, it’s multi layers are peeling away as in as long as it took to create. It’s intangible. No longer can we dispute the reality of inter connectiveness, and for those dramatically endorsing change buy (pun intended) pen and physical force that has now been embedded energetically into their DNA and bloodline in ways I hope to never experience. Remorse for such action will never be enough “penance”

And so #TheResistance has become a vital force and life of its own. It is a good time to be alive! Gregg Braden has always been one of my transformational inspirations as he too had a life as an engineer before investigating alternative methods. Try reading one of his books… I get to parts where he get into equations where it appears complicated and I’ve even thrown his books across the room because when you realize it, it is just so dang simple!! He is a gift. Mr. Braden has studied earlier times and clearly history is still repeating itself and will again and again as we refuse to be vulnerable enough to heal. There is no quick fix for some one who sees no error in his ways. His supporters are just as culpable and blind to humanity. To physically watch the morphing of someone so driven by greed and hate is disturbing, the eyes sink and become small, the facial aging is accelerated, the bags under the eyes are symptomatic of necessary detoxing… Every action and inaction sets and sends a pattern into the Matrix as the universe is gracious and responds to the information and intensity in which the vibe is received. Never before has accountability been so important and the value of leverage is still playing out. So  WE THE PEOPLE   Is where the power lies. As unapologetic as some current leaders are, lies guilt and an admission to a life where they too once lived within boundaries. They’ve forgotten. I use the visual of a ladder where you can climb the rungs to the top on your own and then what? Climbing together weaves a stronger bond and denotes acknowledgement for those ahead who helped you.  The despair and utter exhaustion at the cowardly deeds and barbaric ignorance, cannot be ignored as it is not going away.

Truth prevails as lies change!

Written and Submitted by Dr. Ballard

Metaphysical Science & Philosophy


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