Alchemy of Sex

The most beautiful things are not the ones easy to find,easy to have or easy to conqueror,because everyone knows where they are. No, the most beautiful things are hard to find, hard to have and are unconquered.For like a sea of rocks, the diamond will always stand out


Sacred Sexuality is one of the most important trajectories for humanity to aim itself toward. The Sexual Wound is the original wound that continues to wreak havoc on our collective and, thus, also presents the immense potential for wisdom and transformation via the pathway of healing. Part of the challenge is that the would-be rulers of our planet, the Elite if you will, who shape civilization largely behind-the-scenes, are embroiled in global-wide sexual black magic that has created a massive pollution of the astral dimension (4th plane). As above so below–we decry the horrendous state of air pollution on our planet, but let me tell you much of its roots occurs in the pollution of the astral, which then rains down on us as a psychic acid rain, constantly trickling distortion into the collective mind. Barbara Handclow has excellently laid this out in her recent book “Revelations of the Ruby Crystal” which is her first foray into spiritual fiction and is a riveting account of what she believes is the root of all evil on the planet–the malevolent practices of the Vatican: the nexus of child abuse on our planet (HIGHLY recommend reading this book).

To heal any wound, one needs before them what scientists call an ‘attractor’ which is goal to aim toward which pulls our consciousness toward a more highly evolved state, much like drawing someone from the quagmire of quicksand. The majestic beauty of sacred sexuality traditions both young and old may at first glance appear otherworldly and deeply esoteric. Moreover, they can immediately place someone in the vibration of shame to observe the more beauteous ways sexual energy can be used, while coming into deeper knowing at how much potential damage we have done to self and others by ignorance and misuse of this energy. Sexual energy is also synonymous with our creativity; is but a branch of it. By rectifying it, we also align and enthuse our creativity which is our divinity.

By taking the first steps on the path of Sacred Sexuality, we are directly resisting the sexual nefariousness and trickery at play in our worlds and taking one of the first immense steps into actual sovereignty as we are invited to master our bodies, our intimacy and, ultimately, our love. We affirm a new direction and, thus, begin to instantly conduct a whole new symphony of vibrations that will subsequently begin to re-weave the energetic lattice of the astral realm. It is said in esoteric literature that those partnerships that walk the path of sacred love give birth to an ‘abler soul’ which is the co-creation of both of their soul-forces, like a psychic child. This child, suffuse with indomitable love, alchemical mastery of sexual forces, and divine virtue, shines in the higher worlds, raining down a constancy of blessings that raises the spirit of the lower worlds. This is spiritual activism at its finest.

This is how Sexual Wisdom can offer itself magnificently in the re-enchantment of the world.

Pain and sadness are not always beautiful or desired in ones life but both can be beautiful in their own way sometimes. When you lose someone you love they become far greater treasures inside your heart, you understand far more deeply how much they meant to you and made a difference to your life. That’s the thing about people, its the most loved ones we take for granted the most because we have this illusion they will always be there in our life. Life is such fragile thing, but in the losing of those precious ones sometimes something sad but beautiful happens, you begin to appreciate the living, being side of life, and instead of missing those simple things, you begin to actually love life as if it was a real gift to be honoured and explored. You become a part of some beautiful breathing dance of life and see so much precious reasons to love, laugh and even cry, because life is meant to be lived out loud and loved without fear.

Whatever your experience is there is always the polar opposite, it’s law.

In later writings I will explore both my own experiences and how it led me to Counsel and Advocate for DV survivors of which I am all too familiar with! Sex people, was never intended to be the root of evil and control or a contributing factor.

With Love



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