Real Men don’t sweep woman off their feet, they aren’t the ones who make her swoon, or want to sign photographs for her. Real Men aren’t riding horses or motorbikes or wearing Tattoos, or found in the pool halls or boxing rings. Real men are the ones standing behind their women allowing them to shine, real men are changing the diapers while she rest in bed. Real men give their daughters their first crush and their sons their first hero. Real men don’t dress to impress they dress to please her and compliment her, because they are more interested in being her equal and not her Manbag. Real Men aren’t interested in how beautiful she is, they already know she is, they are more in gratefulness for how she makes them feel beautiful. Real Men love even when they know she may one day break their heart for one who will eventually break hers, because they know that loving her was the best thing that happened to them and they will always shine regardless. Real men don’t need to be loud and proud, they just get on with life because that’s what real men do.

So much of the shift right now on our planet is an inner-outer harmonization of the masculine and feminine forces which have for so long been terribly imbalanced. Externally, this means so much of the measure of a man now is in his ability to acquiesce to the leadership of woman. It needn’t mean all the time–I think any woman would express how tiring it would be for a man to utterly surrender himself to her in a kind of slavery. But in my experience, too often men feel the need to lead, not merely from feeling of entitlement alone. I believe there’s a deep wound there in that men and their masculinity have not been properly stewarded into true power and so they often scramble at any attempt to assert it AND when they feel a rebuke (often self-inflicted), their empowerment rears its fragility, which is a great misery to feel. And yet, I have discovered one of the true sources of power is the ability to share it. Moreover, also to acknowledge it in another and acquiesce to their authority, setting aside our own egoic pride, which is a great dis-ease in itself.

We need a Partnership Culture now, where men and women truly work together to figure out a dynamic balance of shared leadership where both the masculine and feminine aspects that work within themselves and outside of themselves can be cultivated into an enduring and loving marriage. So fitting is it not that the day following the Presidential Inauguration, that a historic Women’s March would happen? I daresay, a true authentic display of power in the world is taking place tomorrow not today. May it be. Shine on sisters! Your wisdom and intuitive graces are providing much salvation to our rising world!

Jenna PHD

Metaphysical Sciences & Philosophy


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