Lord how we need it…🎶

This is not a reflection about happy new years or smiles, this is a reflection to every one of you who has been hurt by someone, who has been let down by someone, who has lost someone, who hurts so deeply all you can feel is pain. Who sees this new year as just another year of all the same crap, all the same pain, of all the same aching. This reflection is for everyone of you who are homeless, destitute or abandoned, this is for all of you who have no hope, no direction, no one to hold and tell you everything will be ok. This reflection is to all of you who feel that this world forgot you, this is for all you nameless people out there that feel so numb you cant even feel your pain any more.

Everyone of you is worthy to be heard, everyone of you is worthy to be seen, everyone of you is worthy to be loved, everyone of you is deserving to live a life you can only have dreamed of.
To the world out there, to those who live in comfort, who have a bed to go to, who have arms to be held by, who have a place to call home, who do not know the pain of all the things I wrote of, go out and just change someone in pains life with a little kindness, with a little compassion, with a little understanding……go out and tell someone lost that they are seen, they are heard and they are loved. Go out and stop talking about a new year of change and actually be that change for those so desperately seeking just some kind of recognition they exist.

It is hardly flattering for the United States of America to be referred to as “The Divided States of America.” During the campaign the Republican party was referred to as the ugly underbelly of the party emerging that always felt surpressed and invisible. In Leaderless movements, absolutely nothing operates on schedule and screwball antics leave everyone at a loss for words as these are feelings that cannot be described respectfully or with the level of dignity deserving of our forefathers.

This leaves an open opportunity, ask yourself what is really important and then have the courage to build your life around that choice. A new year, a new day, but nothing changes unless you decide to change you. Sometimes its not about saying goodbye but about simply letting go so that you allow room for the change you need to become. Its no point doing resolution’s and fake promises, if they have no real value to becoming the change you need and want to be. Change is not about giving up something, its about letting something in that goes deep inside and gives you strength and purpose to become that person you always dreamed of being. Change is a way of becoming and a way of being, and inevitable. We are all pushed into becoming more or better versions of self, or not! That is where free will comes in and it can be friend or foe. When status quo is questioned you either go with it or create challenge, like minds will always find each other. Soulular groups choose to incarnate at this exact time to be the change Ghandi spoke of. There are no accidents or missed takes, we are following our inner guidance in a orchestrated universe.

I have never met or seen the perfect person, religion or country. I have never heard the perfect song, poem or story. Because in my experience perfect is an illusion and there will always be someone or something to challenge that perfectness. How can one measure something like perfectness, when if something is Perfect it means it is complete, and I have yet to see completeness in all I see around me. What I do see is everything changing and becoming not in perfectness but in progression to find its self. To my thinking, we are all just progressions of ourselves through many lifetimes to a completion of ourselves rather than a perfectness to our self. Be gentle with yourself. Time spent in anger is consuming and your physical being will break down. Everything manifests in the etheric first so focus your thought patterns there and follow the inspired ideas you receive, your way to evolve and contribute.

NB: I am pushing the Spirit of Christmas maybe just a little as it is a feeling where people celebrate and the vibration of love is unmistakably grounding.

Much love in these turmolchous times

Jenna PHD 💙

Metaphysical Science & Philosophy


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