Merry Christmas

The Art of Becoming

All too often in a restless, unforgiving society we pay closer attention to what we think the world wants from us, rather than what we have to offer the world. This is especially true for women everywhere regardless of age, color size and shape. We women are all filled with boundless, infinite possibilities filled with fresh choices and a relentless spirit, of which we should learn to tap into and become who we are meant to be, and begin living an authentic lifestyle.
With 2017 around the corner, now is a perfect time to take stock of our lives; paying attention to what we’ve out grown, and I’m not speaking of clothes, I’m speaking to old negative ways of thinking, old emotions, old truths and look at them in the light of day to see if they still fit as we say goodbye to 2016. If not, then it’s time to replace these unwanted items with things more in line with what we do want. Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. Mark the left side with what you want, and the right with the opposite belief you currently have about what you want. As you reread your list, keep crossing off that right column until they are at least, closely matched. This shows us we are still in the game, and ready to take on new adventures in our lives. Understand there is no such thing as a dream too big, in fact our own self perceived limitations are the only thing capping the ceiling.
Spend time finding out what you really enjoy, and take every moment available cultivating your talents and gifts. You may surprise yourself to find you may have a new business venture, or an incredible hidden talent that we all sorely need. The key is, really don’t pinch yourself off from all the good you would love to show up. Embrace even the wildest side of your imagination as you begin to stretch your self-belief toward a boundless you as you continue to learn new positive things about yourself.
I do understand for some of us, this is no small feat, and would like to suggest when you first find yourself feeling less than good about yourself, pause and reflect on your breath. This simple action helps put your attention back on the present moment, rather than your outmoded thinking of yourself. I might add, if a friend spoke with you the way we sometimes speak to ourselves, we would no longer be friends with them, so learn to unfriend that part of your mind.
Another, which is much harder however, worthy of your time and effort is the Mirror Exercise. Eyeballing yourself in a mirror for five minutes telling yourself over and over again, almost mantra like, I Love You. The shift is immeasurable, along with the fact that once you start in the act of, the believing of, the world not only looks better from where we sit, it’s much more loving in return. We begin to cause a rift of happiness everywhere we go almost auto-magically, soon everyone is responding in like motion.
Become who you are meant to be. We are all waiting for you.

Karen Sullivan, CHt, C,LAC, CLC
Transformation Specialist
Owner of Mindscape, The Art of Transformation
Corporate Coach for VeraHeart, LLC





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