With Love…

Sometimes we feel life is not fair, sometimes people aren’t either. The most beautiful of roses can cut you deep with it’s hidden thorns, the most peaceful of rivers can turn into a torrent if it storms. That is the flow of life, the ying and yang of our seasons, we live in a constant changing world without and within ourselves. All we can is just be in allowance of all things, let the things that no longer serve you go with grace and love, and allow the new things to come and change you as you need them too. Life and people do not have to be fair, nor do they have to belong to you, all they need is to teach you in whatever way they are meant to, good or bad, it does not matter, what matters is you learn and accept their gift of their teaching and your learning with understanding and forgiveness. In the end, we are the change we want to be within ourselves.
Turmoil and grief can be a consuming process. The upheaval of familiar for uncertainty is never intended to be comfortable. It is teaching us we cannot bully our way of being through presumed expectations and status quo. The gift is new expansions of being. We can fight, sure, it just delays the feeling of betrayal. The difference is ALWAYS in how you feel!!! Creating a new approach through passion is different and you will know it through the interest and support you have solicited, unsoliciting I might add. You organically grow together from new found hope and resolve. By no means does this mean we just roll over when we know in our gut and our intuition will search for new words-sentences-threads-stories that give life to a new thought process. Ignorance is never bliss and the consequences just escalate.

Baby steps…


💋 Jenna


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